Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hand Hooked Rug Kits

Hand Hooked Rug Kits are simply rugs that are created by hand and not with machinery. There are many famous artists who create hand made rugs, some of them including
  • Pearl K. McGown
  • Sarah Nickerson
  • Elizabeth LeFort

Arguably the most famous hooked rug creator is Pearl McGown. McGown created rugs in the early 1930's and was a pioneer of the craft and did much to promote and keep the art together when it was dying off. If you are interested in purchasing and ordering a hand hooked rug kit, you can search ebay.

Hooked Rug Kits

For those of you who don't know, Hooked Rugs are specially made rugs that are created from various materials such as yarn, different kinds of linen, and burlap. One distinct feature of these rugs is that they are almost always hand made and not manufactured at all. This way, they are 100% unique and every hooked rug is different and special. Because of the difficulty of making them, Hooked rugs should be treasured and be kept very special.